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Women Empowerment


• Mamta has constituted more than 120 women self help groups and adolescent girls groups in villages of two districts i.e. Dehradun and Chamoli.

• Conducted various social, cultural and vocational training programmes for women and adolescent girls to develop them as a leader and catalyst of change. More than 15,000 women & girls have been trained on women rights, govt schemes, health, nutrition, gender equality, livelihoods, Sewing, Food preservation, Horticulture, Agriculture, Primary Health Care, Pre-primary education, Adult education, Panchayati Raj in the past 15 years.

• Chicken Embroidery training in 8 villages of Vikasnagar, 300 women/girls, support – SEWA, Lucknow (2000).50 women initiated embroidery work with SEWA and earned Rs 2000/- to Rs 4,000/- per month.Rest of the women and girls used the embroidery skill locally in their family and village.

• Currently, Mamta is associated with several women networks at state and national level and these days, we are encouraging women SHGs. to raise voice for their livelihood & land rights. These groups are now demanding to the govt. and their local Panchayat to give them right over village common properties in order to ensure their livelihoods through some income generation activities as a group.


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